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The raisins contain energy values such as fibers, calcium and iron. They are energetic; they have calories, vitamins, carbohydrates, sugars and potassium.

• Thompson Seedless: Small size variety. Seedless and dark brown. Usually call sultanina, of Turkish origin. They have a unique flavor and are known for their sweetness.

• Arizul: Comes from the CG351 variety seedless and opaque brown color. Humidity of 18% and medium size (approximately 9-11 millimeters).

• Flame Seedless: Dark red in color and a variety of sizes: Small (6-8,9 millimeters), Medium (9-11,9 Millimeters) and Large ( 12-15 millimeters). Humidity of 16% and seedless.

• Fiesta: Has a light color that comes from the green grape. With the sun and the drying obtains a blond color from the sun and drying process.
Sweet, humidity of 15% and medium size.

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