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- The Production Process -

1. Drying
The grapes, once manually harvested from the Company´s own vineyards, are carefully deposited in natural and open spaces (dryers), where the dehydration process takes place. The combination of high temperatures, low humidity and warm winds, aspects of the San Juan climate, allows for a natural product of the highest quality. The drying is done only by the sun and air, without the need for other product and chemical treatments.

2. Elaboration
The elaboration process continues in industrial machines, constructed completely of stainless steel. The main steps of the process are:
Stripping: First, the raisins are separated from the stalk; then a spin removes the stick from every raisin. Finally, the vacuums finish eliminating the rest of the waste.
Sizing: The raisins enter in a sieve, where they are divided according to their diameter; the largest remain on the sieve and the smallest fall below the machine.

Washing: The raisins undergo a triple washing in order to remove any remaining sand.
Spinning: The raisins are rinsed, and then any remaining water is removed.
Polishing: The raisins are polished with vegetable oil from an injector pump (approximately 6 liters of oil are used for every 65 boxes of 10 kilograms of raisins)

3. Selection
The selection takes places on the three conveyor belts through ocular inspection. The last quality control is done here, and the fruits that are not in good condition to be packaged are removed.
Three people ( with latex gloves) remove the damaged fruits one by one, as well as, those that do not have the appropriate size are discarded.
Finally, the raisins pass through a metal detector and at the end of the conveyor belt fall into the boxes which are weighted on a digital scale to guarantee exact weight.